Make your garden the best room in the house!

It's time to give your garden some TLC. Summer will be here before we know it, it's time to make your garden the best room in the house! We've picked out a few top tips from Gardeners' World for the month of May but for a barrow load of advice and a heap of handy hints head to their website.

~ Plant up your hanging baskets, but keep them warm indoors for a little longer whilst they establish.

~ Tie in the new shoots of climbing plants, including wisteria and honeysuckle, to their supports. Tie in tomatoes, cucumbers and aubergines to canes as they grow.

~ Earth up potatoes, covering the shoots with soil as they appear.

~ Start sowing French and runner beans which can go directly outside now the weather is warmer.

~ Open the greenhouse door on warm days, but close it in the evening as the nights can still get cold.

~ Apply liquid feed to spring bulbs like tulips and daffodils to encourage a good display next year.

We're pleased to tell you we have tickets for a special outdoor edition of BBC Gardeners' World Live which, this year, will be held in August and features the BBC Good Food Market and the new My Gardeners' World Stage.