BUSK Benchmark Member

Group organisers, this page is for you.

When making transport arrangements for others, the law requires the organiser to be aware of their legal obligations and expects safeguards and systems to be in place for this purpose. 

BUSK works to promote safe road transport and we are a proud BUSK Benchmark member. The most recent national guidance recommends using a transport provider that holds this accreditation. 

BUSK Benchmark is the UK's first and only completely independent star rating for the minibus and coach industry based on safety and legal requirements. It is the logo to look for every time you arrange an outing for others. When you book with us you can be confident knowing that you are hiring from a national guidance recommendation and that we have already been independently background checked for your safety.

We are independently audited involving checks that look at how our company is run, what systems are in place to safeguard passengers and to what standard our drivers are trained, including a random spot check. The standards set by BUSK Benchmark are higher than the legal minimum requirement.

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